Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lars

Twelve years ago today, I became a mother.
Lars was 13 days late, I waddled around the neighborhood day after day, trying to get things moving. But he waited until the last minute to finally introduce himself to this world.
I am still surprised by it.
How did we get so lucky to bring home this little baby?

And then, how did it happen so fast that he's now this pre-teen, lanky, head-full-of-ideas all his own, getting ready to grow up kid?! It is truly a miracle. And he is truly a blessing.


Alan and Judy said...

Yes, he truly is a blessing!

Mom and Dad

Joy said...

It looks like he's water skiing in his car seat :O). I'm looking forward to the birthday party! Hope everyone is doing well and getting into the new fall routine.

XO Joy

Anonymous said...

Your son impresses me every week at Zone. He is exactly how you described him. What a blessing it has been to be his youth pastor. Thank you!

-Davy Kusta

karli hedstrom said...

lars makes me feel old
i remember when he was born
and now he is in middle school
and growing up too fast
i am so lucky to have such
a great cousin....great family