Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This was not my idea...

but I like it, so I'm copying from a blog I like to read. Well, except I'm going to modify it a bit. She reposted the first line of the first post of each month last year. Beck writes beautifully, really poetic. My first lines are so boring, I won't make you look at them again. One of the dangers of conversational writing? I'll try to work on that in the future...a resolution!

So, in the spirit of yesterday's post, where I learned that remembering what the LORD has done for us is an essential piece of living a God-centered life, we'll look back over 2008. But I will re-post the LAST sentence of the LAST post of each month, because it took me a while to get to my point in these writings. My goal for this blog was to record God's activity in my life and let you, dear reader, "make of it what you will." So, we shall see if I stuck to it...

This is supposed to be fun, these childhood things, why can't I have fun with it?

...on Santa and the Tooth Fairy.

So with God's help, I'm gonna' be strong and courageous, baby!

I love the way he suggests here that surrendering our selves is a process, and he gives some practical, first steps to take.

Holding on to that junk is getting in the way of the affirmation of being God's child.

Well, it's good to verbalize your expectations, right?

Maybe it'll work for you, too.

...the plan to have the kids do "jobs" everyday this summer. It went pretty well. The plan, that is.

And yet, God has graciously given them to me year after year, and patiently waited for me to realize the blessing.

I need to be looking into that pot on the back burner and stir it up, tend to it a little bit before there's nothing there, for all of our sakes.

And he is truly a blessing.

...a post on Lars's birthday.

I can't think of any more words to add.... I mean, you know, he's too much!!

...a post on Luke's birthday. :)

It could be a chance for us to get to know God better, together.

...on the Sabbath

She is waiting and watching....

...the ONLY post for the month of December, on our cat Thora finding a perch in the Christmas tree.

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