Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Luke!

Ten years ago today, Luke came screaming his way into this world. Now today he is a bright, determined, young man who goes after the things he wants. We're proud of him and so happy to celebrate who he is growing up to be!

This morning, Luke and I were looking at a photo album of his first year and I marveled again at what a cute little bugger he was. He still is, but he doesn't really like me saying that.... A favorite memory from when Luke was little, he always wanted more of everything. More food, more to drink, more time to play, more stuff. Scott and I would often say, "oh no, that's too much!" and Luke's reply would be, "but Mommy, I want too much!"

Sometimes Luke (and Lars and Lily) is too much, we are so blessed, I am overwhelmed when I really think about what a gift it is to be his mom.

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Anonymous said...

He still is a cute, little bugger. I had forgotten about "I want too much" - made me smile.

Kris, proud aunt of 3 blonde, cute little buggers....