Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mysterious Squash Plant Update

Whaddya know? We might actually be producing some fruit here in our pot! Remember my questions about the rogue plant growing in my pot in the back yard? Karen helpfully offered advice on how to keep this thing healthy and happy, and I took some of it. (Actually, all I did was move it to a spot with more sun and dirt, and buried some of the vine. Her other suggestions required more effort than I was willing to make. I meant to, but just never got around to it....)

So, despite my neglect, and the fact that this thing was probably planted by a squirrel, or maybe unintentionally by me in my compost, it is still working hard to grow something significant. There are two little squashes or whatever they are. They're each about the size of my thumb.

Amazing! And what does this say about the ways we might be fruitful--spiritually speaking--in our lives? I guess it doesn't always have to happen the way we map it out, and we may not always be the one who plants the seed, 'eh?

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