Friday, November 12, 2010

Hard Evidence

I just heard a brief interview of Sara Groves on the radio today; I have loved her music for several years now. She was on Midday Connection, which is a show on Moody Radio. It is official that I'm old, by the way, because I'm listening to Moody.... You too, can be old and listen by clicking here and selecting the November 12th program. Apparently Sara was or is doing a tour playing some of her older songs, and she said in this interview that all of her songs are rock-solid, hard evidence of her faith in God, of His love for her.

This really struck me today. My reasons for blogging are: 1) to be disciplined about writing regularly, to use the gift He's given me and 2) to share how I've seen God's activity in my life and around me. I really want the writing to be about what He is doing. This last week I've been fighting with a cold and demanding calendar, trying to carve out a little time to write, and when I had the time, I couldn't think of what or how I wanted to say anything. I don't have any clever stories about how I saw God's activity on my couch with my box of Kleenex. I should, but I don't.

Feeling better today, and the "I should be writing" chant has been going through my head. I heard Sara and feel like that was a nice little gift from God, to remind me that the evidence of what He's been doing is right here! There are 176 posts on this blog so far, and more to come! Each one is evidence of His work, because He is the One who gives me the words. Every time.

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