Monday, November 15, 2010

Same Object, Different Lesson

Our cats are spoiled rotten, and only eat big bits of food in their bowls. I've written about this before. I'd like to train them to eat till the dish is empty, but I can only hold out so long. They get in my way, bite my toes, follow me around the house meowing, and get so annoying, I finally give in and put some fresh food in the bowl. As I am typing right now, Greta is perched on the printer, looking down on me. I kinda feel like being a mom I do a lot of teaching and training in my life, so when it comes to the cats, I just don't have the energy.

So here I am today with new pictures that tell the old story of the food situation becoming dire to Thora and Greta, even though the dishes look full to you and me. I tell them, "You know, there are starving cats in Africa who would be very glad to get the little bits that just aren't good enough for you!" A couple of years ago, I saw this as a picture of a lack of trust. The cats don't trust me to see their soon-to-be-needs, and I do the same thing with God. Worry before I need to, fail to trust Him completely.

Today, I see something else. I see the cats with bowls of food and hungry bellies, but they don't want what is there for them. They want something else. And maybe it's not so much not trusting me, and more just plain old whining at me to make it different. And of course, I recognize myself in the dissatisfaction and complaining.

I look at what is on my plate, and sometimes, I think I'd like something different, or I'd just like more put on my plate. I am hungry, I am asking God to use me, but I'd really like Him to use me in a particular way, according to my vision. And I fuss and I wait around, but in an annoying fashion like two four-legged friends of mine. But fortunately, God has limitless energy to guide and direct me, to discipline me, and He doesn't give in.

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