Thursday, April 24, 2008

One Size Does Not Fit All

The kids have an early release day today. This might make us feel the challenge of keeping the tv off (see yesterday's post), but I think we're up to it. We actually have to go buy Lily some new soccer cleats. They fit her for her first practice, but one week later at her next practice, they were too small. Amazing! In one week! I didn't get around to replacing them before her game on Saturday, and her piggies were very sad little piggies indeed. She has practice again tonight, so we'll take care of the problem this afternoon.

We used to have a pair of size 13 cleats in the closet, but they lived through four soccer seasons and two boys, and I guess that's all they had in them. They fought a good fight before they died.

Another parenting/faith tie-in: Wouldn't it be great to see growth in my faith like the growth in Lily's feet? I want to be able to look backwards, and see that some self-absorbed or not God-centered part of me doesn't fit as well as it did the week before.

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