Tuesday, April 8, 2008

There they go, my babes walking down to the bus stop. This year, Lars goes alone really early, then Luke and Lily go together later in the morning. Next year, they'll all go separately. (different buildings for grades 1-3, 4&5, 6-8) They do this every morning, they leave me and go out into the world for part of the day.

Does the world know how precious they are? How lucky it is that I share them with it? I love watching them make that walk each morning. It's bitter sweet. But I feel like it's helping us all grow up a little bit each day, and I love seeing who they are becoming. I'm feeling the urgency to take advantage of the time they are here with me. Maybe I'm starting to learn a little bit about the letting go part of being a mom. It's not time yet to really let them go, but we're starting to ease into it.


Michelle Van Loon said...

What a precious picture!

--julie said...

Thanks, Michelle.
I was actually going to take a picture of them yesterday, but they were running wild for the waiting bus!