Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Activity!

I belong to an on-line writers group, which is for published authors who actually write for a living (or hope to). It's kind of silly for me to be a member of this group, as the only writing I do these days is on this blog, which is sporadic over the summer here, at best. I stay in the group, though, because I'm learning from it, and maybe I will grow up one day and be a real writer.

One of the questions posted this week was an interesting one, suggesting that you think of your 5 favorite movies...just whatever comes to your mind; don't spend too much time thinking about it. After you've got your list, then think about if there are any connections between the themes of the movies and your current writing project.

Well, so how about modifying it a bit? What are the themes of your favorite movies, and is there an over-riding theme that speaks into your life, goals, plans?

My 5 Favorite Movies:
Room with a View (Merchant Ivory production, not Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window)
Love Actually
The Long Riders
Pillow Talk
She's Having a Baby

A recurring theme? Sheesh. I don't know. Maybe that the characters are all unable to ignore the extraordinariness of the gifts of life and love. Their stories begin with just bee-bopping through life and then the wonderfulness of it smacks them in the face. They can't be unchanged by their realization. Though, I'm not sure that works with the Long Riders. That's just a beautifully filmed Western....
How it speaks into my life? Hmmm. I would like to not ever forget the wonder of the gifts of life and love. So easy to forget in my own daily bee-bopping.

Give it a try yourself!

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