Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guess It's Not Too Surprising...

But we were surprised this afternoon to discover that Luke has the chicken pox! I had/am just getting over shingles, and I guess I've passed chicken pox on to my boy, who was vaccinated as an infant, but that doesn't mean much, apparently.

Poor guy. He's not good at laying low and missing out on activity. He has lots of bumps, but they aren't too itchy just yet. He had a headache, sore throat, slight fever, stiff neck....Tylenol made him a happier boy. I thought I was being pretty careful, but I guess not. :(

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Amy J said...

Hannah got chicken pox a couple of years ago too, regardless of having the vaccination. 3 kids in her class got it, all had been vaccinated. Her case was pretty mild though because she was vaccinated, I'm told. Whatever. A little boy at the orphanage when I was there had Malaria and a couple of others were getting over it. Makes chicken pox sound not so bad, huh?