Monday, July 14, 2008

window into our little world....

Sitting before a bowl with three, possibly four bites of mac & cheese, Lily asks, "Mom, can I be done? How many more bites do I need to eat?" Luke asks, "Can I get down now?" and Lars asks nothing, just gets up and starts walking into the kitchen, all confident like of course he ate it all. Ha! Not!!

It's an age-old parent-kids game played at the table, isn't it? So, my version of the guilt trip about starving children in Africa goes something like this, "Umm, well, let me see now, are you asking me how much of this meal--that I worked to prepare--I would like thrown into the garbage? Like, when I was serving it up, I forgot to give the garbage can its share? So that you can come back to me in 20 minutes--right after I've finished cleaning up all the meal mess, and ask for a snack?! Yeah, I'd like you to eat it all. However many bites that is."

Mean, MEAN mom.

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