Friday, July 4, 2008

First post away from home

Happy 4th of July to you all.
We're in Galesburg, IL visiting my parents. Getting fired up to go see the fireworks tonight.

So, it turns out that what I thought was a funny bug bite on my back is actually a case of the shingles. I came home from the doctor disappointed and insulted. Funny. Weird skin things make one think of bugs in the bed and well, bad housekeeping. So I was glad it didn't turn out to be either one of those...but shingles is typically an older people's illness. Harumph! It's sort of like chicken pox for grown-ups. In the same family. The official name for it is "herpes zoster" and I'm on an anti-viral medication....

So, I can't decide what's more upsetting. Having an old folks disease, or something that sounds like a venereal (there's an old person's word for you) disease. It is kind of long-lasting, itchy, and painful. But, I need to have a good attitude, and just be grateful there aren't bugs in my bed. Right?


karli hedstrom said...

don't feel bad
you are not old
i got it when i was twelve
on the back of my leg
but you are right
the official name
sounds pretty awful

--julie said...

Hey Karli!

I am actually very lucky I didn't have it very bad. It was just a surprising and disappointing diagnosis...
Again, I have to say, yes, i do realize there are people with real problems, and I'm not one of them.