Thursday, January 31, 2008

About All This Lying

At a meeting yesterday morning, I described myself as "fun-loving" for an ice-breaker. We had to pick one of four descriptors, and explain why we thought we were the one we chose. I said fun-loving because I do love fun. I never want to miss out on anything. I think I was speaking truthfully, but now I wonder....

I have trouble with Santa and the Tooth Fairy. I feel like I am lying, well, because, I am lying, and I can't seem to just roll along with the fun.

Of course the Tooth Fairy had to visit our house last night. And I have so far successfully dodged some pointed questions from the six year-old I'm going to have borrow money from soon....She asks, "Are you the tooth fairy?" and I say, "do I look like a fairy?" and then distract her with whatever I can.

Santa sort of makes an appearance here at our house, but it's very low-key, and he brings all the stuff from the Christian bookstore, beacuse of course, he knows that Jesus's birth is the most important part of all our celebrating. I think I've taken the fun out of it for my kids. Maybe not, I haven't asked, because these are topics I avoid. I don't want to lie, and I don't want to be the spoiler.

This is supposed to be fun, these childhood things, why can't I have fun with it?

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