Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Get Off the Bench

Heard a great phrase from Lars yesterday. I don't know if he came up with it himself, or if he heard it somewhere. I meant to ask him this morning, but since he's standing at the bus stop before the break of dawn, we don't always have coherent conversations in the mornings. I actually have to make a list during the day of things I want to talk with him about when he gets home.

Anyway, he said that Scott and I "threw" the message of Jesus to him. He said that he had to catch it himself, and he has to make his own touchdown, but that we made the throw. Have you ever heard it put that way before? I love that analogy. And I love that kid.

It goes to the title I chose for this blog, and the way I want to live as a Christian. I don't need to feel responsible for someone else's response, but I do need to "throw" the message to them. I need to tell people about the miracles I see God doing in my life, and I need to tell them about how much He loves them. But I don't have to make all the plays.


Kris Dahlberg said...

I may be biased, but that is a cool kid. He remains surprisingly wise for a kid. He has been that way since he learned to talk. He not only "gets it", but can explain it simply and eloquently.

Sheila said...

How profound this kid is!He really makes the job of a godparent very simple. It is very smart of you to get these thoughts in print.
Your stories encourage me! Thanks for spilling your guts for God's glory.