Thursday, January 17, 2008

Great Expectations

Ok, just one more thought on expectations. Really, I shouldn't promise just one, because then you'd have the expectation that I'll quit talking about this, and maybe I'll think of something else later.....

How many things do you do in a day that you think are expected of you, when in fact they are not? This is another thing that can lead to crabbiness on all sides. (you: "why doesn't he/she appreciate what I'm doing here? this is for him/her!" them: "why is he/she spending so much time/effort/on that? what's the big deal?") If you are shooting for the wrong bulls-eye, your efforts aren't apprceiated as much, and there might even be un-appreciation. Ask yourself why you're doing what you do. Is it beacuse someone expects it of you? Are you sure you are clear on their expectations?

In the workplace, there are systems in place, tools designed to make the expectations clear, and give you ideas about how you can meet or exceed them. This doesn't happen as much in relationships, but maybe it should. I'm not suggesting something so formal that it takes the fun out of being in relationship, but you know, getting some things on the table.

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