Saturday, June 7, 2008


Our modem went bad yesterday. Actually, it was in and out on Thursday, and then yesterday, caput. I can't believe how much something like that threw me off. I had begun the morning sending emails out to a few people whose replies would impact the rest of my day, and Scott was in meetings, so I couldn't get him to check email from his office. I was stranded!

Of course, there was the hour and a half spent on the phone with the dsl folks, which is not a chunk of time I had planned for. And a trip to Best Buy to purchase a modem, and then bringing it home and disconnecting the old one and installing the new one. Tasks like this can make me feel like a stupid female, and I hatehatehate that feeling.

I'm hearing the dad in the movie "She's Having a Baby" saying "You're all right now!"
Yes, I am aware that there are people in the world with real problems.....

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Anonymous said...

Technology is great when it works, but sure can bring life to a halt when it fails. I hate that "stupid female" feeling - reinforced by mechanics and Best Buy men.