Monday, June 9, 2008

Maybe I Need to go Live in the Forest for a While....

Writing to you from the house of technical difficulties. I have spent too much time during these last days of school (read my last days of solitude at home) on the phone with tech support people!!!!

Today's issue is with our satellite dish receiver. It won't power on, but it has a fan that has been running on it ALL. DAY. The sound of the fan is giving me a crick in my neck. It stresses me out. I feel like the poor little machine is over-working itself and might just blow at any minute. I don't even want to watch tv, I just want the fan on the bugger to stop.

I'm sure there are valuable lessons and spiritual insights to be gained, but I am not there yet. Not right now. I can't think with this thing buzzing!!! Since it's Monday, I didn't even try to call until after dinner. After spending an hour on the phone with Laura, the fan turned off and the tv turned on and all was well. She said, "I think you're all set." to which I replied, "yes, thank you so much!" I hung up and two minutes later, the machine turned off and the fan turned on. Curses!

They told me it's trying to reset itself and that could take up to 45 minutes. So I need to just leave it alone for at least that long. Then and only then, can I call back (for the third time) and try to convince the next person I talk to that indeed, there is SOMETHING WRONG!

Love and kisses....

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