Monday, June 30, 2008

The Party's Over...

We've re-instituted the summer jobs for the kids. Today was the first day. I told everyone at breakfast today would be the day, and no one balked or was even surprised. I guess they could feel it coming. With everyone home everyday, the impact on the house is amazing. No one wants a resentful mom/wife, so all agree that we need to tackle this business as a team. We all have a role. It isn't all on me.

This worked well for us last year, so I have high hopes. Here's what we do:
I made a list of 13 jobs that could/should be done daily. I asked the kids to each pick three and make them their own. (so, get it? see, there's more jobs on the list than we need, so then nobody thinks they're getting stuck with the "bad" job. I'm so tricky, 'eh?) Then everyone had an extra job that has to get done once a week. Wednesday is extra-job-day. No screens until everyone has done their jobs...this way, they encourage each other, and they all want it done soon. It isn't all on me.

They aren't turning the place into an immaculate palace, but it makes a big difference to me when I'm not the only one picking up. It isn't all on me.

Maybe it'll work for you, too.

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