Friday, June 13, 2008

Mom, I'm Bored

Ah yes, the first day of Summer Vacation. I can report that some sleeping-in took place, and there was the wearing of jammies until 12:30 or so, too much tv and computer, some basketball and fishing. Now what?

Heh heh. Unfortunately, the entertainment committee seems to be on break right now, too, so we'll all have to figure out ways to occupy ourselves. Do you think they can do it? I know they can, but these are muscles that haven't been used in a while. Last summer the big thing that got everyone excited was having "sales" in the driveway. They sold lemonade, cookies, some outgrown toys and videos. The possibility of making some money was highly motivating.

What a relief to be in the days of not having to be anywhere at a certain time, so the ideas and dreams can be pursued. I look forward to watching the summer unfold, and seeing what the big thing will be this year.

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Kristin Jag said...

Small world Julie! I got your message about finding me from Amy J.'s blog. How do you guys know each other? We have many connections. First, Erika Haub and I were college roomates! Seriously! Next, I grew up in Libertyville and went to high school with Scot McKnight's son (and NPU with Scot teaching there). I taught in Northbrook for a year, grew up at Libertyville Covenant and went to Winnetka for Youth Group since our YG was so small at the beginning. Many more connections I am sure. Oh, and Keri Wyatt Kent is a favorite author of mine. I have led book studies on her books! Well, I am so happy for the Johnston's. I am just in love with their new little cutie pie!