Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Want to Know You

We made a family outing to a book-signing last week at a local bookstore. Lars has read all of the Fablehaven books (there are three so far), and was very excited to go meet the author, Brandon Mull. He actually was at the same bookstore in the fall, and we went then to get the first book signed, before Lars had really gotten into them. Brandon Mull is very patient, talks to every person in line, asks questions of the kids who are standing there awestruck, and answers any questions his young fans may have for him. The line was long! And he made it worth it to have waited all that time.

It was cool for Lars to have a second chance to meet this author, to have enthusiasm and be able to take advantage of the opportunity to converse with him. And the real thrill this second time around? Brandon Mull said to Lars, "I've met you before, Lars, haven't I?" Well, Lars just couldn't get over that. "He knew me, mom! That is the sign of a really good author." Mm-hmm. I snapped a pic, of course. My happy boy, with this favorite author.

Can you guess where I'm going to go with it? What a thrill it is to be sort-of known by someone big. We have a God who knows us! He knows our name! We aren't just somewhat familiar to him, He knows us. He longs to engage us, to make our time spent with Him worthwhile. And the beauty is we don't even have to stand in line. We don't have to read the Book first, we don't have to get ourselves in order before we can meet Him, we don't have to do it a certain way. How many chances do we get to converse with Him? The number goes to infinity and beyond, baby. That is, indeed, the sign of a really good author.


Anonymous said...

Great post Julie! Your kids give you great quotes to work with.


--julie said...

Thanks, Kris.
I was actually informed by Lars this afternoon that I misquoted him. But I had the gist, so he said it was ok. He loves it when I blog about him. Funny.