Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day, and that somewhere in the smoke from the grill and the spray from the sprinkler you got a chance to reflect on what a privilege is it to live here and the great things so many people have done so we could enjoy our bbq's and friends. Time of confession, we forgot to put our flag out yesterday. Doh! Well, it's flying today.

Didn't get around to posting yesterday, either. Maybe I'll post twice today! I guess today is make-up day. Makes me wonder how I'll do with this blogging business over the summer. Having the kids home doesn't throw me off too much, but when Scott is home too, the regular groove goes out the window. And he is home a lot in the summer.

On the one hand, I consider establishing a routine, and being very disciplined in following it. On the other, I think, "it's summer!" Every year that we are still both home in the summer, I realize it could be our last one. Each summer is a gift. When and if a day comes that he has a different job that requires him to work summers, or I have a job that doesn't follow a school calendar, would I really look back and wish I/we had been more scheduled? More disciplined?


But I'll figure out a way to be a good blogger and relish the summer at the same time.


Alan and Judy said...

Well, we put our flag out on Friday, and kept forgetting to take it down. So it was up for the whole weekend. Does our forgetfulness balance out yours?

Michelle Van Loon said...

Ahoy, Leif Enger fan: I am one-third the way through "So Brave, Young and Handsome". It's out!