Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!!!!

The big wedding is THIS weekend! Lily will be the flower girl, and Lars and Luke will be junior groomsmen (wearing TUXEDOS!). We fly south tomorrow, and we are all VERY excited. We've never left town and missed actual school days before, and this will be the first wedding for our kids to even attend, much less have a role. I'm looking forward to the wedding, of course, but also to a mini-vacation! And Michelle, I ran out today and purchased Leif Enger's new book and can hardly wait to crack it open once we get settled at the airport!! Maybe I'll start it on the car ride to the airport.....or, if I got everything crossed off the list tonight, I could just peek at it before bed....

I'm going to try to post while we're there, but I'm not all that savvy with any computer that isn't my own. I'm a little spoiled here with my pretty little iMac.

As I was making lists and realizing how little time is left yesterday, I found myself getting all "emo," as Lars would put it. I was paralyzed by my overwhelmed-ness, and got nothing almost done as a result. With all my thinking it to death, I think I've boiled it down to two things:

**1**It's been a long time since I've been involved in a wedding, like 15 years or so, back when we and most of our friends were getting married. And back then, I was so young, self-centered, and oblivious, it didn't occur to me--the big-ness of the promises, the beginning of a new family, the start of this fabulous adventure. I mean, I thought I did at the time, but I didn't. This time around, it's hitting me. And I'm so filled with hope or longing or something for our niece Joy and her soon-to-be husband. Marriage is a big deal, it's a great, wonderful, beautiful, big deal.

**2**I'm trying really hard not to forget anything important that would have an impact on the wedding. I don't want to leave a footprint, if you will. I just want our family to be a blessing to Joy et all, and want my children to look and act perfectly the entire time we're problem. Well, it's good to verbalize your expectations, right?


Michelle Van Loon said...

Don't bring the book to the wedding. :)

Alan and Judy said...

Last night we got out a picture from your wedding to show Ellenene (my stepmom) who it is that's getting married (your flower girl). I think another factor in going all "emo" has to do with realizing that you are now "the aunt," your kids are about the same as Joy and Adam were then, and life just goes on. Where does the time go? So, enjoy your trip, enjoy the wedding, and be the blessing that your family always is. Love, Mom

Alan and Judy said...

That is, I meant the same age as Joy and Adam were then. Mom