Friday, May 23, 2008

Proud Mama

I try hard not to make myself or my kids seem like we're wonderful and picture-perfect on this here blog. I'm trying to go for authenticity. And now I'm gonna' be really authentic, just let it all out and tell you how wonderful I think my son is. No holds barred. Because he's such a blessing! I would just like to brag about Luke for a minute. He's our middle child, the one the books make me feel like I have the biggest potential of screwing up. I gotta' tell you, though, he's growing up to be such a nice kid. He just finished his soccer season up. We always love watching him play, he's very intense and competitive, puts all he's got into the game.

Last night, he performed in the 2nd and 3rd grade musical at school, where he auditioned for and won a role with a solo! And he did magnificently. He was very nervous, and just so cute I couldn't stand it. And I sat in my chair in the second row just beaming. Luke is also getting into some poetry writing at school, and here's his latest poem:

When I am by myself
I am a tiger sprinting
I am a soccer ball charging the goal
I am a pro skater going on tours
I am a owl howling at night
I am a son of a soccer player
I am a loving boy
I am a frog snatching a fly
I am a apple in the fruit bowl
I am a thankful boy to my friends
I am a lens in my glasses
I am a guitar rocking the world
I am a basketball flying to the net
I am a Ferrari racing in the wind
I am a blanket wrapping myself around you
I am Luke

Thanks for listening. I'll only do this sort of thing every once in a while. :)


Anonymous said...

He is a cool kid. I love that poem.

Proud Aunt Kris

Alan and Judy said...

As proud Grandma, I must say his performance in the musical was outstanding. But the greatest thing is that he is just such a nice boy. Raising kids nowadays to become nice people takes a lot of effort, but you're doing it, times three!

karli hedstrom said...

i know i'm sort of biased
but i love that Luker so much