Friday, February 15, 2008

Another Holiday Weekend

Ah, yes, we wouldn't want these poor kids to get too much education in the winter time, would we? We have another four-day weekend. We haven't gone to school for five days in a row since the first week after Christmas Break. Crazy winter. But, this weekend I am happy to say, we are going on a little trip! We are going to go skiing up in da U P, 'eh.

We're staying in a "house" that sleeps 24, with our friends from MN, so that'll make 10 altogether in this place. It could be that we've found the best place ever to stay, or we may be in for quite an adventure. It's supposed to be walking distance to the ski hill, have an 8-person hot tub, a 10-person sauna, a nice big fireplace, and a big-screen tv. So, I have high hopes.

This will be the kids' second introduction to skiing.....
We won't have a computer, though!
I'll be back on Tuesday.

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