Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coming up with Clever Titles is Not My Favortie Part of Blogging

For our ski trip last weekend, we rented skis and boots for the kids at a store here and took them up to Michigan with us. Our thinking was that they would get equipment that fit well because we wouldn't feel rushed. Well-fitting equipment equals no pain, which equals a good experience learning how to ski.

After the first morning of skiing, Lars says his boot hurts, and at lunch he takes it off and we see a red bump on the top of his foot. Phooey. Scott looks at the boot and the insert, and plays with it a little. Lars puts it back on and says it feels ok. At the end of that day, though, he was not ok, and his foot had this bump that was getting hard. (not a doctor am I, but Scott said this was a hematoma that was becoming calcified...happens to soccer players all the time, don't ya know) Anyway, no way Lars could wear that boot the next day. So we rent a different set of skis, boots and poles at the ski hill. But not before Scott tries to "fix" that broken boot.

Here's the thing. I hate returning things. If you buy me a gift that I don't like, don't worry about giving me a receipt, I won't return it. I don't know what my great aversion is, but I have one. So Scott is saying that when "we" (that means me, but I'm sure he's there with me in spirit) take the boots back, we need to tell them there was a problem and ask the store to cover our rental costs. And the boot is now not in the same condition it was in when we rented it. Ack! I have to take something back that's broken, AND ask for additional $$. !!!! This just gives me great anxiety. To Scott's credit, we tried to get home before the store closed on Monday night, he drove over there to return the stuff himself so I wouldn't have to, and they were closed 45 minutes earlier than they said they would be.

So Tuseday morning I'm driving to the ski shop and I'm so nervous it's just silly. And I remember Philippians 4:6....don't worry about anything, pray about everything....(NLT) and I start praying. I realize God has bigger fish to fry. But it says in the good book to pray about it all. I asked God to give me the words to explain what happened in the right way so the folks at the store would understand me and know I wasn't trying to cheat them. And I left it with Him and quit thinking about it.

The whole thing went so smoothly, the gal offered me a rental credit, I never even asked. And no problem with the condition of the boot. Wow! I do know that me being anxious about a ski boot is trivial. There are real problems, and this isn't one of them. But still, I came away thanking God. He heard me, and He does get into my everyday stuff. It's an example of God's activity in my life. One of those stories where you can "make of it what you will." Call it coincidental if you want; I don't believe in coincidence.

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