Monday, February 4, 2008

Call Me

The message at church yesterday was about discovering, developing, doing and defending The Call God has for your life. I can't even say how much time I've spent trying to determine what God's call is for me. Years, for sure. And, when I had my first child, I felt a peace, I felt a sense of purpose, and I felt certain that being a mother is what God made me to do and be. Our pastor said that God's call on your life will answer that question, "what in the world am I here for? Why am I taking up space on this earth?" Mothering our children has answered those big questions for me. Being about the business of mothering, doing it very intentionally and purposefully is what God has called me to do.

I have been secure in the call to be a mother (and a wife), but there is a sense sometimes that maybe there's more. Maybe this is just the season I'm in, but not the only thing God has for me to do. When you read articles and books on mothering, they always talk about how you're supposed to be working yourself out of the job, and that you need to be careful not to wrap your entire identity up in being a mother, because these children are on loan....I also feel a push from the world to do more than be a mother and wife. 'You can have it all and do it all!' There are other things I do; I'm writing in this blog, for example. We hosted Soup Night for five years in our home. I was president of the parents organization at our school. Where do those things fit in with my call? Does my every move have to be call-related?

I actually believe all these outside things do tie to my call, are things God has put on my plate, and have helped me keep perspective and made me a better mom. But it is easy to get distracted, and listen to the world. My call seems small sometimes, and overwhelmingly enormous other times.

Our pastor also said you never retire from your calling. It may change, but you're never done. And while my children are growing (so fast!) and they'll someday leave the nest, surely I won't ever retire from being their mom. They'll always be my babes. The actions of mothering will change, they already have! But my call is clear.


ronchris said...

Being a parent is for ever! But can't a person have more than one calling, especially at different periods of life? What if at this point God wanted you to "get distracted, and listen to the world" because there is something you can contribute to it. Can the world and its peoples ever have too much nurturing which is a continuation of parenting?

Ron T.

Alan and Judy said...

You are right, Julie. You'll never stop being a mom. After almost 46 years of being a mom, I am still very definitely a mom, and I wouldn't want to stop being one. Of course my role is different at this stage (thank goodness!). There is no greater blessing than seeing your children become adults with lives of their own and interacting with them as adults. And then, if the children also become parents it just adds to the blessings, especially if they are parenting intentionally, raising up children who are very nice people who are a joy to be around, and followers of Christ. "Her children will rise up and bless her." (Prov. 31:28)

--julie said...

Hi Ron,

I don't know if you get more than one calling. I was kind of thinkng that everything I do I should be doing within the context of that call. But maybe this is all just playing with words? I guess that's kind of what I'm wondering about, but feeling clear about what my call is again...sort of got reminded this past fall/winter.

I hope that I am making a contribution to the world through my kids, and through the way I live....contributions that have an eternal impact.

Thanks for makng me think!