Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time Keeps on Slippin' Slippin' Slippin....

Still thinking about time. How we use it, and all that. Just thinking about how easily I slip into thinking of the days as being "mine." I think of it as "my" time. Whose time is it really? Who created the day and the night? Who came up with the concept of time? Who can slow it down? Pretty cool when it really hits me, when my little brain begins to get a sliver of understanding about WHO God IS. He is the Almighty.

Ron threw another question at me a while back about God...."If God has a personality that allows or compels him/her to plan, love, dispense justice, etc. it raises interesting questions about such a God I've wondered about for years....How deadly dull it would be to be God. I first came across this notion in a strange place, a book called "The Mountain Men" which is, believe it or not, a poetic history of the mountain men era. The poet notes that the first mountain men never knew what was beyond the next mountain. He wrote:

God only knows what wonders we might find,
And how He must be weary with His knowing!
No curiosity at all for going
And nothing new to look for anywhere!

Makes it hard not to feel sorry for God, knowing everything is not a great state to exist in. And on top of that there is the idea of God's loneliness--no friends, just the supreme leader alone on his throne. Knowing everything and nobody to share it with...."

I don't have a tidy answer for this. That's why I've been sitting on it for a while. But I guess I want to first remember that we are made in His image, not the other way around. So I don't think we can grasp what it's like to be Him. Being Him isn't like being like us. Being us is a mere reflection, and idea of what it's like being Him. He is the Almighty.

And while I don't think God is lonely, I do believe He wants us to know Him...that's what it says in my favorite verse (Acts 17:25)...that it is His plan for us to know Him. He is on His throne, but is He alone? What about Jesus sitting at His right hand? And what about the country song that says, "God must be busy...?" (kinda kidding, there) I think He made the whole earth and everything in it to share with us, and He reveals new things to us all the time. Maybe He gets a kick out of all of our ah-hah moments, kind of like a teacher seeing a student finally grasp a concept. He is the Almighty.

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