Friday, March 7, 2008

And We're Off!

We just got a new computer and printer, and wow! It's a beauty. The new printer is so polite, the little screen says, "please wait momentarily" while it's booting up....And the new keyboard is so slick, I love the clickety-clack sound it makes as I type. We are doing all kinds of fun things with our photos, too. I had to go down to the basement, the new home for the old computer, to retrieve a file. Our "old" computer was/still is also a lovely machine, but it felt so clunky. It took me no time at all to adjust to the new, and now the old seems very, ehnh.

How does that happen so quickly? The shiny and new can rob my appreciation for the perfectly good old. Have I let this happen in other areas of my life? It's good to move forward, for sure. It's just surprising sometimes how fast I can go.

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