Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Work, work, work

We had yet another day off of school yesterday...I think there have been two five-day weeks since Christmas Break. Yesterday was Casmir Pulaski Day. I hope you had a great one. Scott's school did not celebrate, so it was me and the kids at home. While eating breakfast I informed them that once again, we needed to get the house back into shape after a fun-filled weekend. All agreed that we must stop living this way....messy, messy, messy, then taking a whole day to put it all back together.

We had a great routine going in the summer. Each child had a daily "chore" that they chose from a list of 10 or so (so sneaky of me...I had more chores to choose from than would be chosen, so no one felt like they were getting stuck with the least desirable one), and they each had a weekly chore; they did those "extras" on Wednesdays. And the boys, because they are older, each had an "ongoing" job, that they needed to take care of as necessary...in other words, take out the garbage & recycling. I set up three plastic bins on the back stairway, one for each of my darlings, and when I found their belongings around the house, I'd just throw them in their buckets. Everyone had to daily put away the items in their buckets. All these things had to be done in the morning, before the tv, computer, phone, etc. could be used, and for sure before anyone left the house.

It all went out the window when the school year started. Everyone has a different schedule. Lars is at the bus stop at 6:40am...I cannot make him do anymore than get dressed and eat breakfast before school. I think I was so thrilled that nothing changed with no one living here during the day, I just let it go. And with the school year came the school-y responsibilities, and priorities shifted.

Then along came all these holidays and snow days....they've been living here, man! So yesterday, we came to an agreement, that order must return, that everyone needs to pitch in again, so that we can enjoy Sundays once again. (Sundays would be the day I'd lose it...and demand the putting back together of the house. Some Sabbath!) We're gonna' get this thing figured out. I'll keep you posted.

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