Saturday, March 29, 2008

Waterpark, check.

Yippee! We are home from our three-day, two-night water park extravaganza in the Wisconsin Dells, and are happy to report that we didn't buy anything! It was a nice quick Spring Break get away. I can say that looking back. I did not sleep well the first night, however. Our appointment for our 90-minute spiel was at 8:30am, and I worried that we'd oversleep and get in trouble. So, I kept waking up just a little bit all night long.

Have you ever done one of these things before? It wasn't as terrible as I had imagined it could be, but I certainly won't sign up to do it again anytime soon. After a presentation in a larger group setting (8 couples), we got assigned to a sales rep who worked on just us. He actually was kind of boring, repeated a lot of what the first guy did with the group, and I found myself thinking about other things while he was talking. He was an older guy, and told us we were making a mistake when we left....kind of like a disappointed uncle or something. I think he was slower than the others, or maybe we were....he went way over the 90 minutes. I looked at my watch and thought to myself, "we've done what we said we would do, technically, I think we can walk out now..." but I am not going to walk out on someone. Can't do it.

But once we'd met our obligation, it was great. You can't beat two nights accommodations, two days of waterparking and one morning of indoor theme parking for $50. It's always nice to be reminded that we really like hanging with our kids. They finally seem to get it that we can't drop cash everywhere we go, or they at least get that it makes mom crabby when you complain about it. Either way, they just seemed to enjoy what they got to do, and we all felt like it was a mini vacation. This week sure went fast.

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