Monday, March 10, 2008

Big Questions

We just concluded a series at church about becoming great in God's eyes, that is, discovering your purpose and finding out who God made you to be, and then living that way. Maybe it's a season-of-life kind of thing, but I've had many conversations with friends recently, and lots of us seem to be asking these questions: what am I supposed to be doing, or, how am I supposed to be doing what I do, and, how do I know if I'm doing what God wants me to do, and so on.

These are big questions, whose answers are fluid. Maybe what I'm doing now is right for now, but will change in the future. Maybe what I have been doing was right at the time, but isn't now. How do we know with certainty? We pray and ask for guidance, but don't feel immediate, clear leading. We long for that peace and clarity. We like the idea of God giving us free will, and don't want to be pawns in a giant chess game that He plays, yet sometimes we would just kind of like Him to plop us down on the right path, with directional signs. Go this way! Do Not Enter!

These questions roll around in my head, and I look at my cat, Greta, who, as long as she can keep me in her sights, just rests comfortably knowing I'm here. She follows me around the house, and curls up in some comfy spot in the same room with me. She's not bogged down, over-thinking every move. I think I'd like to be Greta when I grow up. Does she have the secret? Maybe she's on to something.

Maybe we need to go where we know God is active, hang around with people who are feeling the clarity, and keep Him in our sights. That might be a good start. I think the key from the series at church was to start doing . Take the risk. Step onto a path and see where it leads, and be willing to turn back around if it's not the right one.

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