Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Exciting news! I've been asked to be a contributing poster on the new blog for the women at our church. I'll be posting every Friday over there. It's just getting started, so feel free to post some comments and help get the conversational ball rolling. (especially if you go to my church, but of course the blog is open to anyone)

Today is Good Friday, a strange day. It's really weird here today, because the snow is coming down heavy, and accumulating. We're going to get the 7 inches they predicted. Maybe more. I don't have any words for the snow. I'm incredulous. (is that proper use of the language?)

It's a day off for Scott and the kids, and we're having Easter dinner here, so of course I have to-do lists for everyone. And Luke has had a friend over, and Lars and Lily were playing across the street. So, in that way, it feels like any other day off of school. But, it is a day to remember what Jesus did. It is a sad day, really, before the celebration of Easter.

We'll go to church this evening, which will help us all appropriately focus. But I can't help but feel I should be doing something different during the day. It's not reasonable to expect the us to be somber all day...but shouldn't we do something? Maybe I'm missing a teachable moment here. What do you do for Good Friday?

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